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shopping and out in the town in new york

New York City is a fabulous place when travelling to the USA. The sights and the sounds are like no other place in the world. Particularly the shopping. The over the top awesomely wonderful shopping in New York. And I’m not talking about the heart of Manhatten where tourists spend way too much on cookie-cutter mementoes and souvenirs. I’m talking about the wonderful little off the beaten Broadway trail that aren’t as famous but are infamous in their own wonderful ways. These hidden gems full of personality will make your heart pound because they are the heart and soul of what the Big Apple is all about…diversity, history and of course, the shopping. Here are just a few of my favourite shopping treasures in NYC.

shopping in new york

1.  The Break

vintage clothing shpping in the break in new york

Love the name, love the concept. It’s all about second-hand vintage flair at this wonderful shop full of surprises and customer service. Smiling faces welcome you at The Break entrance with a glass of wine and an open arms. This teamed with great, low prices on some of the best throwback fashions is a New York City’s shoppers dream come true. Oversized blouses, rock concert tees, high waisted bell bottoms and everything inbetween fill this stylish Brooklyn boutique. There are home decor items too, someone of a kind, just like you. So, If you love to celebrate a time gone by and enjoy an edgy, creative experience, visit The Break during your next trip to the big city.

2.  The Ear Inn 

the ear inn, a bar in nee york. a place for shoppers to hang out

Looking for an easy-in, easy-out place to enjoy a drink with a friend? And enjoy some culture too? Then listen to this. The Ear Inn is for you and your fellow shoppers. Get this. This little local hot spot opened way back in 1817, so it’s packed with history and charm and culture. They say the decor is not much different than it was “back in the day” and we locals love it that way. Wobbly bar stools, dark wood decor and touches of history everywhere make this place a must-see spot on your New York bucket list.  Oh, I almost forgot, they serve free fried chicken and sausages on weeknights for happy hour so grab a $6 pint of Guinness and filler up. We always do.

3.  China Town’s Ice Cream Factory

ice cream factory in chainatown in new york for shoppers

Here’s the scoop.  If you love ice cream you have to go to China Town’s Ice Cream Factory and taste some of the best ice cream in the world. I think it is out of this world and so do food critics who have called it legendary.  This family-owned operation is as unique as the ice cream flavours on their menu. They’ve been serving some of the most unique flavours for more than 30 years. Zen Butter, Green Tea, Don Tot and Taro/Ube are some of the tasty flavours you’ll find on the menu. It’s worth every penny and every calorie to enjoy this sweet, off the beaten path New York treasure.

4. The Berlin Wall

berlin wall in new york for shoppers who want to walk around

Did you know that when they tore down the Berlin Wall they shipped different pieces of it all over the world?! Five of these awesome concrete slabs ended up in New York City right in Midtown. This colourful 20-foot section of bright artistic panels is a historical sight and if you can fit it into your visit, get there. They used to be outside but are now they are on display inside the lobby of 520 Madison Avenue for all to see. Although this isn’t a shopping site, it is a perfect photo opportunity, maybe a selfie to take back home and share a rich piece of history with family and friends.

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