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The Top 7 Underground Clubs For Music Lovers

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So you’re travelling to the big city, NYC, and want to experience everything the music scene has to offer? We have you covered here. So skip the big venues, such as Madison Square Garden and hit the street far and wide for some underground clubs that only the locals seem to know about. Whether you are more into punk, pop, death metal, reggae and everything in between, this list is going to have you on the road to some whiskey and beer slugging good times that you are going to brag to your friends about for years to come. The club scene in the city is ready to be explored, so here is a list of seven really different and unique places, in the greater New York City area, that you are going to want to check out when you are in town for business or pleasure. Earplugs not required.

Top 7 Places To Hit The Underground Music Scene Hard:

7. Shrine World Music Venue- Harlem- 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd 10036

This club located in Harlem is a must-visit destination. If you are into Afrotrip music, reggae, or even just want to see some great jazz on a Sunday night, this club is for you. Be sure to walk around Harlem beforehand and check out the history art, and culture that make this area one of the most vibrant in the city. Stop at Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster Restaurant for a cocktail and dinner prior to the music if you want to make it a night to truly remember.

6. Barbes- Park Slope, Brooklyn- 376 9th Street 11215

For one of the most diverse clubs on the list, you have to check out Barbes located in the upscale neighbourhood of Park Slope. Try not to run over any of the mommies roaming around town with their four kids as you head out to this hip international venue. They are a French-owned clubs so the taste in music runs the gamet. They have French music of course, but you can also check out Brazilian tunes, African music, and a very special band called “Slavic Soul” that performs every Tuesday night. This is definitely a locals only kind of place, so attempt to blend in tourists. Wink. Wink.

5. Pete’s Candy Store- Williamsburg, Brooklyn- 708 Lorimer Street 11211

A music staple in the city, Pete’s Candy Store is a blast to hang out at. They offer free music which is also a fantastic thing if you are a traveller on a budget. And really who isn’t nowadays? They also have a pretty decent drink menu and a lineup of sandwiches that will keep you full and ready to rock the night away.

4. Shape Shifters LAB- Gowanus- 18 Whitwell Place 11215

If you are into weird and experimental music this is a place that will blow your mind. Or if you have no idea what “experimental music” actually is, then you might want to check this venue out to broaden your musical horizons. They do have quite a few jazz acts here as well to get your ears wet but stay for some of the other bands and you just might find a new favourite.

3. Le Poisson Rouge- Greenwich Village- 159 Bleeker Street 10012

On the famed Bleeker Street, you’ll find this very interesting club. Le Poisson Rouge is a hipster loving 80s friendly dance club and speakeasy. So what that means is the cocktails are carefully crafted and pretty expensive, but if you want to dance your cares away, it doesn’t get any better than Le Poisson Rouge. Glow sticks and “e” not required. Wink. Wink. Again.

2. Mercury Lounge- Lower East Side- 217 E. Houston Street 10002

For the Lower East Side, you have to check out Mercury. This is a rock n’ roll venue of the old school variety. Bands of all kinds place rock here so if you are a fan of Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, or even some old school Van Halen, you are going to fall hard for this club.

1. Hudson River Rocks- Meatpacking District- 10014

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An outdoor venue clearly located on the Hudson River, this is in the park by the same name. They are strictly a rock venue, but during the summer they get quite the rocking crowd rolling so you’ll have an excellent time under the stars along the gorgeous Hudson River Park area.

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