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Explore Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is the hidden jewel in New York City’s crown. While many people choose to explore Fifth Avenue, Central Park, Broadway, and Manhattan, Greenwich Village offers visitors a look at the eclectic, more diverse side of the Big Apple. Once a haven for artists to explore their creativity, the small community not only enjoys a rich artistic atmosphere but cultural diversity as well. The most exciting places to see are within walking distance of one another so you can plan your day without ever hailing a cab or asking for directions by car. Simply start walking and all of the sights are quickly within reach.

Visit the ‘Friends’ Apartment

One of the most popular stops on the Greenwich Village Tour, you can visit the apartment used in the hit television series, “Friends“. If you’re looking for Central Perk, however, you will be out of luck. Instead, a small cafe called the Little Owl is close by and is an excellent choice for lunch or a spot of coffee.

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was the scene of one of the worst fires in New York City’s history. Approximately 146 people died in the fire that happened in 1911. It eventually became the reason for many of OSHA’s rules and regulations concerning fire safety. In 1929, the owner of the building donated it to the city and a ceremony is held each year to honour those who perished in the fire.

The Stonewall Inn

One of the more controversial sights in Greenwich Village is the Stonewall Inn. it was the scene of many of the riots that took place in New York City as the LGBT community began to grow and become more outspoken. Famous activists like Marsha Johnson frequented the Inn. The Inn is well-known as a musical theatre and club as well.

Electric Lady Sound Studios

Electric Lady Sound Studios is well known as the studio Jimi Hendrix built, but it has also played host to other prominent musicians as well. B.B. King, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, and David Bowie all spent time recording and hanging out at the Electric Lady, making it one of the most interesting of all the sights in Greenwich Village proper.

Washington Square Park

Located in Lower Manhattan, Washington Square Park is just shy of 10 acres and is one of the most beautiful areas in New York City. It is a prominent city landmark and regularly hosts a variety of cultural events and activities. Established in 187, Washington Square Park often hosts leagues of chess enthusiasts as well as struggling artists trying to tap into their creative resources.

Our Lady of Pompeii

For those interested in beautiful architecture with a hint of religion, the Our Lady of Pompeii has a rich history. An active Catholic Church, services are held regularly and tours are given of the building and the grounds. The church is a stunning example of Romanesque revival architecture and is also home to an elementary and middle school.

Pasticceria Rocco

Pasticceria Rocco is the perfect destination if you are hungry for rich, Italian pastries and other baked delights. They also offer espresso and many other beverages to suit any palate. Whether you are interested in trying something new or simply love the traditional favourites, the cakes and desserts at Pasticceria Rocco are worth the visit.

If this is your first time visiting New York City and you want to see things most people tend to overlook, visit Greenwich Village. The cultural flair and diversity combined with the wide variety of artistic entrepreneurs make the Village well worth the visit!

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Wendy Melton
Wendy Melton
Wendy Melton is a freelance writer/photographer who travels extensively throughout the United States. She enjoys spending time with her family and sharing stories about her travels.

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